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The Beginning of a Coffee Journey

I can't say I'm a coffee aficionado and far from a coffee expert, but I do love a good cup of joe in the mornings! I think I've drank more coffee at this point in my life than all previous points in my life... due simply to the changing of career to a software developer [link for blog on switching careers into software development]… or I believe it is due to that because it is almost a pre-requisite to becoming a software developer!

Why am I starting this journey now? Well, I've always wanted to continue blogging (cue Xanga days) but never sat down and took the time to do it. Also, I am really starting out as a novice in the coffee world, so why not put it out to the universe? Maybe someone will get something useful out of it.

Let's set the groundwork for where I'm coming from.. I have a Keurig. I drink that most days. I enjoy cappuccinos on the weekends at local coffee houses. I can't tell you about coffee extractions or coffee origins, yet… but I think I'll get there one day.

Where's the inspiration? Well… I got a gooseneck kettle [amazon affiliate] mainly for tea consumption [link to tea] but internet search algorithms had other plans for me. They were pushing coffee, pour overs to be exact, hard. Then one day at the local coffee house, I tried a pour-over, and that pour-over was better than any commercial large scale brew I've ever had (rightfully so)! I can't tell you what type of beans they were, but I was intrigued.

This is where I start my journey.