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Spotlight - Blendin Coffee Silvio And Aura

Coffee Spotlight: Blendin Coffee's Silvio & Aura

I first had the opportunity to try out this amazing coffee at the Blendin Coffee shop on Allen Parkway, recommended and served by the ever knowledgeable barista, Ada. This coffee bean was definitely a small batch coffee from Colombia, check out this Blendin Post and the cute coffee FAQ card below (sorry for my scan quality);


Flavors and Notes

I drank this as a pourover, black. Taking my time to truly experience all the different profiles and depths. I think I would sum it up as elegantly light, perhaps due to the floral notes, gardenia, coupled with light, accompanying components like yuzu and ginger. Most often time I feel that complex flavors only hit me with sourness or acidity, but this pleasantly surprised me... I was able to experience what all the coffee gurus are talking about, for once in my life, haha. You really have to drink this without cream or sugar to get the full effect.

Only sad thing is that you won't be able to get this coffee anytime soon due to small batch sourcing...