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The First Pour


  • Blue Bottle Dripper
  • Blue Bottle bamboo filter
  • Timemore Chestnut C2 grinder @ 20'
  • Grocery store purified drinking water @ 200F
  • Ratio 1:16 (20g coffee to 320g water)

More about my tooling here.


Cuvee El Salvador

  • medium roast
  • smooth and full-bodied
  • from Austin, TX


Time Water
0:00 40g
0:40 150g
1:10 250g
1:40 320g

More about the process here.


The process table above was the guideline I was trying to pour by... definitely missed all the markers because I poured too slow. The recommended pour speed is about 10g/sec... but watching the time, steadying my hand and the anxiety of the first pour pretty much threw me off.

The taste was pretty good, very strong... but me feeling accomplished in the taste has more to do with my lack of refined palate than anything else. This was a grocery store bought bag of beans that was sitting on the self for at least two months before I got my hand on it. One thing I did notice was how smooth the pour over was... the dripper and filter combo really brews a clean cup of coffee.


Blue Bottle Dripper

Here is a picture of my Blue Bottle Dripper pourover kit.