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Spotlight - Philz Coffees

Coffee Spotlight: Philz Coffees

Finding Philz coffee was very random... I was on a trip to San Francisco and stayed near the Mission District in an AirBnB and Philz coffee had a good rating in the area, so went ahead to try it out. Prior to this, I've never heard of the coffee (sadly it is not physically sold anywhere near me).

Philz does mostly pourovers, in large quantities... by large quantities, I mean the drippers are larger than the normal ones on the market and they usually have about 6 drippers going at once but the difference is that the drippers took up pretty much the whole bar. These are big big custom drippers. There is a bit of a wait for the coffee, but that is to be expected. The coffee beans are blends, specially curuated, to combine certain notes and flavors.


Flavors and Notes

Most of the coffee blends don't seem over pretentious, not about some super rare single sourced in a valley off an island in the middle of an ocean... they seem very down-to-earth and reminds me of very homey, comforting coffee. I ordered a medium size, medium roast - Philtered Soul, which had nutty flavors with hazelnut and chocolate aromas. First impression was the sheer size of the medium... felt like it was a large... at 16oz, I should of gotten a small. It was filled to the brim and dressed with cream and sugar. First sip actually felt divine... like I took a cloud and wrapped it around my body, almost in synomym with eating a bowl of your mom's beef stew on a chilly winter night... your mom's beef stew might not be the best beef stew in the world (don't hate me for this statement), but comes with layers of nostalgia making it something you crave over and over again. The coffee is not the most sophisticated but it is more like a gateway into the world of craft coffee. I definitely don't think this coffee is for the connoisseurs but its for the beginners that want a better cup beyond the generic coffee.

The coffee is strong, bold, more on the dark side, and not very acidic. The beans seem very oily and pungent, in a good way. A delightful segway into the vast world of coffee.